Vape Station V1 – Plexi


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Vape Station V1 – Plexi

The Vape station V1 is the perfect stand to organize your vaping tools, coiling wire, wicking material and atomizers.
It is available in various colors and with or without 510 ohm reader.
It will come as a flat pack and needs assembly. Assembly time is approximately 10 minutes and a hex key (Allen key) and glue are included in the package.

Dimensions Vape Station V1:

Width: 35 cm (13.78 inches)
Depth: 14 cm (5.51 inches)
Height: 7.2 cm (2.83 inches)

The dimensions of the housing for the 510 ohm reader is:

Maximum Width: 7 cm (2.76 inches)
Maximum Length: 5 cm (1.97 inches)

It will fit most of the popular 510 ohm readers.


The tools, coil wire and atomizers in the photos are not included, they are for display purposes only.

Vape Station V1 – Manual


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