Vape Stand Mini Boxer – Carbon Look



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Vape Stand Mini Boxer – Carbon Look

Vape stand for boxes,atomizers or eliquids and drip tips

It is made of 3mm acrylic plastic with high quality carbon vinyl sticker
It comes in pieces and needs assembly
It can accomodate the following:

5 x 25 mm round holes for atomizers or eliquids
5 x 65x40mm square holes for boxes
6 x 9 mm for drip tips

The square holes will fit the most box mods of the market Eleaf istick series,IPV2 & 3,Vaporshark,Hana,Itaste MPV etc


25 cm width/9&27/32 inch
27 cm depth/10&5/8 inch
4 cm height/1&37/64 inch
Allen tool included and everything you need to assemble it
Made in Greece

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