Vape stand Micro – Plexi



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Vape stand Micro – Plexi

Vape stand of 29 holes for organizing your mods,atomizers,tools,fluids and batteries
Acrylic made with protective film and laser cutted
Dimensions 20 cm x15 x 7 cm height/7.8 inch x 5.9 inch x 2.7 inch height

The holes are the following:
12 x 25 mm/0.9 inch
14 x 7.5mm/0.3 inch
3 x square holes for mods like Istck,IPV2 & 3,Vaporshark,Hana,Itaste MPV etc

It needs assembling,5′ minutes average time
Allen tool included

Download the Vape stand Micro assembly instructions

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