Vape Stand Mega Boxer – Carbon Look



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Vape Stand Mega Boxer – Carbon Look

Vape stand of 51 holes with carbon look for organizing your box mods,tube mods,atomizers,eliquid bottles and drip tips

Acrylic made with protective film and laser cutted
Dimensions 28 cm x 27 x 5 cm height
The holes are the following:

6 x 25mm/1 inch for tube mods
6 x (60×35)mm/2,3inch x 1,3 inch for most of the box mods of the market
6 x 25/1 inch mm for atomizers with big height like Kayfun,Heracles etc.
6 x 25mm/1 inch for dripping atomizers with low height
13 x 9mm for drip tips
6 large holes of 42mm/1,6 inch for 30 ml eliquid bottles
8 holes of 35mm/1,37 for 10&20ml eliquid bottles
It needs assembly,5′ average time
Allen tool included
TuneUp Vapes team

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